Shipping costs

We will ship your purchasement with our logistic partner UPS or in certain cases with DHL shipping company. We do not have a minimum order value. You will receive your delivery within 1-3 weekdays after your in-payment has arrived. Please make sure that a transaction takes at least 1-3 weekdays in Germany. Accounting transactions will not be processed by banks on weekends and feast days.

Shipping Costs Germany

Prepayment PayPal C.O.D
6,50 EUR
6,50 EUR
13,50 EUR

Shipping costs within EU

Prepayment PayPal
16,90 EUR
16,90 EUR


Shipping costs out of EU

Countries Prepayment PayPal
Switzerland, Norway etc... 29,90 EUR 29,90 EUR
USA, Canada, Mexico etc... 35,90 EUR 35,90 EUR

Delivery of minimal amounts
We do not have a minimum order value. For example: if you only order a cap or t-shirt we can ship small amounts or small-sized items packaged in a so called "Maxibrief" (=smaller-sized envelope). This happens only by explicit request. Please take notice: this method of delivery is officially not insured! This option is only available for orders within Germany!

Shipping outside Europe
We do not assume responsibility for the payment of custom duties. As a customer it is your responsibility to ensure a correct handling with the european customs. Customs duty does not exist within Europe! Please visit the following website for further information about european customs and its conventions:

Your shipping costs will only be displayed if you have already an item in your shopping basket.